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03Apr 20
Edible Empowerment: How To Boost Your Health With High-quality Food From Independent Farmers With Stef Sacks.

Edible Empowerment: How to Boost Your Health with High Quality Food from Independent Farmers

By Culinary Nutritionist, Stefanie Sacks, MS, CNS, CDN   As a chef, nutritionist and author of What the Fork Are You Eating, I am always looking for edible solutions—everyday, and when in crisis. Whether it’s my personal health, that of my family, my clients’ or an unprecedented global pandemic like COVID-19, food is medicine! The stakes couldn’t be higher right now for our personal health as well as the wellbeing of our farmers. What and how we choose to eat…

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02Apr 20

Farms are Businesses, Too

I wish now was a time where we could rest assured that farmers were being considered in efforts to relieve this crisis. Unfortunately, though recent legislation was supposed to extend relief to farms impacted by COVID-19, independent farms and agricultural businesses are still waiting. While aquaculture enterprises, agricultural cooperatives, and nurseries are eligible, the Small Business Administration (SBA, which handles disaster loans) specifically excludes farms from accessing vital loan assistance from emergency Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) programs. Sign our…

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26Mar 20
Call To Open Food Businesses - Independent Farms Are Ready To Supply.


With the sudden closure of restaurants, schools and institutions around the country, many cutting edge, high-welfare, sustainable farms are facing the loss of some of their most crucial customers. As COVID-19 spreads, business owners are rethinking their strategies and adjusting the way they work, and many of us that are social distancing at home want to do all that we can to support our local communities and businesses through this pandemic. One specific way that we can all help our…

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23Mar 20
Farming In The Shadow Of Coronovirus: Plan And Plan And Then Plan Some More.

Farming in the Shadow of Coronavirus: Plan and plan – and then plan some more

Following the global outbreak of COVID-19, we know that many farmers (particularly those who supply the hospitality sector) have lost the majority of their markets almost overnight. We also know some farmers with established home delivery services, online sales or farm shops have been inundated by desperate customers. At the same time, many of the services and supply chains that farmers rely on—think animal feed or veterinary services—are at risk of disruption. Regardless of business model, many farmers are now…

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20Mar 20
All Hands On Deck To Battle COVID-19

All Hands On Deck

We know that everyone will be impacted by COVID-19. Many will lose their lives; many more will suffer personal and financial hardships. As this unfolds, it is impossible to predict the long-term impacts; only to do the best we can in the moment. At A Greener World our team quickly adjusted to meet present needs: working remotely, not collecting on invoices for farmers, and completely shifting focus to support those in our orbit struggling in this new environment. See full…

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