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09Jul 08

Michael Pollan on What’s Wrong with Environmentalism

You'll want to read San Francisco-based journalist Kate Cheney Davidson's recent interview with Michael Pollan on "...there's a direct connection between the health of the soil, the health of the plants, the health of the animals, and you as eater. We're not just eating piles of chemicals that we can get from anywhere. All carrots are not created equal. Some of them are actually more nutritious than others. How the animals were raised has not just a bearing on…

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08Jul 08

Grass-Fed Beef Grows in Popularity

MSN Health and Fitness ran this article today, demonstrating the growing trend of consumer interest in grass-fed beef. From animal welfare to health concerns, the reasons for demanding grass-fed beef are beginning to dominate consumer consciousness. "Research is showing that beef from grass-fed cattle is leaner, healthier, and less costly to the planet - and may even be safer to eat than the heifers you''re chewing on now."\r\n\r\nSee\r\n\r\nGrass is Greener\r\n Want Steak Without Guilt? Go Against the Grain. By Lindsay…

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01Jul 08

Animal Welfare Approved Program Lauded by the World Society for the Protection of Animals

According to the WSPA, "This program [Animal Welfare Approved] currently has the most stringent animal welfare standards and includes certain animals not covered by other programs, such as rabbits and ducks. Animal Welfare Approved requires that all animals have regular access to the outdoors and prohibits physical mutilations like debeaking of hens and tail docking of pigs. This program also requires that producers be family farmers and does not allow producers that have dual humane and factory-farming operations to participate."…

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27Jun 08

Downer Dilemma: Americans Need to Speak Out

Click here to read an Associated Press Article About the Latest Atrocities Here's Program Director Andrew Gunther's response: It never ceases to amaze me the depths human beings will go to. Footage released this week exposed downed cows being repeatedly shocked with electric prods and dragged while still alive at an auction facility in Portales, New Mexico. This follows closely on the heels of another welfare-related investigation in Chino, California, which led to the largest beef recall in history. Regarding…

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24Jun 08

Consumers Can and Will Make a Difference

We received this letter yesterday from a supporter of animal welfare and believe that more and more consumers are getting concerned and angry about the confusion (sometimes deliberate) around food labelling. Dear AWA, Thank you for your work. I have recently become even more interested in keeping my meat eating as 'green' as possible. I am concerned with the economic and environmental issues associated with the overdevelopment of factory farms but I am most interested in animal welfare. I have…

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