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Parker Farms – Four Oaks, NC

  • A Greener World

Peron Parker raises Certified Animal Welfare Approved by A Greener World (AGW) pigs on pasture at Parker Farms in Four Oaks, North Carolina. The pigs at Parker Farms are raised outdoors, where they are free to root and forage as pigs naturally do. This high-welfare management approach is a fundamental component of the AGW farm standards and is known to have environmental, nutritional and culinary benefits.

Peron raises Berkshire, Duroc, and Yorkshire cross hogs at Parker Farms. Berkshires are one of the oldest established breeds of pig and are noted for unique marbling of the entire carcass, which results in unmatched flavor of Berkshire pork. Berkshire sows are excellent mothers and respond best to a pasture-based farming system. Allowing these pigs to grow slowly and naturally equates to an unsurpassed pork quality. In addition to Berkshires, Peron raises Duroc and Yorkshire cross hogs—also known for their suitability to pasture-based systems and for their exceptional meat quality.

For more information about Parker Farms, contact Peron at (919) 963-2033 or

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