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02Dec 08

Maveric Heritage Ranch Needs Your Support Following Tragic Barn Fire

On November 19, one of our farm families suffered a tragic barn fire caused by an electrical malfunction. We ask that you hold them in your thoughts as they struggle to care for the surviving animals and work to repair damage caused by the fire. Arie McFarlen of Maveric Heritage Ranch Co. raises Mulefoot hogs and other rare breeds with her husband Bret Kortie in Dell Rapids, South Dakota. They have worked for ten years preserving rare breeds, and are…

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20Nov 08

President of National Black Farmer’s Association on Short List for Secretary of Agriculture Post

Dr. John Boyd isn't just a family farm owner—he is a political pioneer for small farmers like himself across the nation. As the founder and president of the National Black Farmer's Association, Boyd has been lobbying and litigating for black farmers since 1995. After campaigning diligently for President-elect Barack Obama over the past several months, Boyd now finds himself under consideration for the new administration's Secretary of Agriculture. Several articles, including the one below from the online site Grist have…

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19Nov 08

Remembering Brian Anselmo

As Thanksgiving draws near and we remember our colleague and friend Brian Anselmo, we want to share this piece that was in yesterday's New York Times. Reporter Kim Severson announced that the Standard-Bred Poultry Institute--which would provide training to farmers who want to preserve the genetic pool of heritage breeds of turkeys, chickens and other birds--would be dedicated as a tribute to Brian Anselmo, who was an auditor for the Animal Welfare Approved program as well as a poultry farmer…

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27Oct 08

Frank Answers

If you keep up with turkey trends, you've probably noticed a certain word coming up more frequently each year. Now a growing culinary trend, "heritage" turkeys were once the standard at Thanksgiving tables across the United States. With the post-war advent of intensive confinement and industrial breeding techniques they all but disappeared from American farms and tables. Luckily, a few farmers like Frank Reese Jr. of Good Shepherd Turkey Ranch maintained these old breeds and are now able to share…

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16Oct 08

Michael Pollan asks the President Elect to reform the food system and to encourage more pasture-based livestock farms

The New York Times recently published a letter written by Michael Pollan to the next President of the United States. He begins by pointing out that this is the first time a U.S. President has had to deal with a national food crisis since the Nixon administration. However, the crisis is different this time because asking for an increase in food production would further harm other campaign priorities – the health care crisis, energy independence or climate change. In fact,…

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